Friday, May 16, 2014


The lips offered
One lover to another
Summoning the consciousness
Of another
In mutual gift.
Today's paper says.
I am reminded
Of my first kiss
Behind my parent's garage.
Janet was her name.
A neighbor. How old
We were I do not remember.
We were children.
And when I was
A teenager I kissed
My friend Debbie
Inside her parent's garage.
We kissed each other.
And many years later
At our high school reunion
I heard her voice
And turned to her
Saying "Debbie."
The girl I kissed.
"Do you remember Debbie
The time we kissed
Inside your parent's garage?"
And she answered
"Oh gosh, Bruce,
Yes I do remember."
The kiss I think
A measure of time.
A gift.


  1. Bruce, this made me smile - this remembering of precious gifts. And how you ran into Debbie later and still both remembered. Enjoyed this so much! Thank you for sharing the link to it in our Facebook group! :)

  2. The kiss I think a measure of time. A gift.

    This is really sweet, Bruce. Do you have a garage today? ;)

  3. yes, a measure of time
    this is sweet truth here

  4. nice! what fun that you asked Debbie if she remembered :)